Kamis, 02 September 2010

Leasing an Island

Indonesia is a country that has a lot of natural resources such as mining, forestry, ocean, and of course, islands. Ironically, Indonesia is one of poorest country in the world that has GNP just $US 500 and a huge debts more than $US 100 million. Unfortunately, government policy doesn’t give us optimism that the conditions will getting better, even it shows tendencies that our government is on wrong track with their economic efforts.

Lobbying for a new loan more and more every year actually is an old fashion policy that caused negative impact for our people. It has two basic weaknesses not only disable to solve the long-term problem, but also inherit a heavy responsibility for the next generation. Therefore, we’ve to try another alternative, leasing an island for instance, that may handle the national complexity better, faster and cheaper. At the same time, the investor can build our island progressively so we make a big investment without spending money. Of course, this choice has negative sides such as possibly in coming a foreign intervene, decreasing nationalism, and so on. These reasons are becoming false when our country and our people face an emergency situation. In conclusion, leasing an island will be able to raise the emergency situation and prove to the world that we are really a rich country.

Jakarta, March 2001

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